Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Palm Sunday

As Palm Sunday approaches I was looking for a new idea to use with my students. I found some inspiration when I came across an idea on Pinterest that was from the website ministry-to-children. They even have a video to demonstrate the idea. It basically involves paper, water colors, and masking tape. The students make a cross out of tape and then paint all around it. The result is a beautiful painting with a simple cross in the middle. (Don't forget to peel the tape off!) After the paintings were dry the students looked at the Gospel reading for Sunday and picked out a quote that stood out to them.  It was interesting to look at the different quotes and hear why they chose them. Here is an example:

These crosses are a beautiful reminder of the Lenten season! After Easter we plan to color in the cross with a bright highlighter and then write Alleluia in black. I hope you enjoy doing this project with your students!